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The Young Searchers League is a strategically important ministry which was started in 1975. It seeks to bring young people between the ages of 10 and 18 years to the Lord through the study of God’s Word. The students are known as "Lone Searchers". Lone Searchers graduates include many of the present leaders and pastors of churches, and para-church organizations in Ghana.

The programme entails three levels of Bible Correspondence Courses after which the students would have answered 500 questions between the gospel of Mark, the New Testament and the Old Testament

Lone Searchers are awarded certificates, New Testaments and full Holy Bibles after successfully completing stages of the course. These awards attract new students and motivate continuing students to complete the course.

The programme has been very successful and popular with the youth. We supply over 4,000 course materials to them, while up to 1,500 are able to complete one stage of the course monthly. Over 500 students per month qualify to receive Bibles.

Mail Box Club: This is a 49 step course. It is mainly used as follow-up for Cinevan converts, prison chaplaincy work and the workplace fellowship.