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Prison Ministry: The focus of the prison ministry is to evangelize, disciple and train inmates to become committed and mature Christians who will witness about Christ whether in or out of prison. The scope of the ministry has been expanded to include prison officers. Literate prisoners are also privileged to do free Bible Courses. Challenge has two well trained Chaplains on staff who visit a number of prisons and minister to the spiritual needs of inmates.

Prison Chaplain: God’s Love at Work Behind Prison Bars
It was during the troubled ‘70’s that a veteran missionary shrewdly observed "O, the prisons of Ghana are wonderful! God has used them to bring more people to Himself than through all the churches in Ghana." This woman’s convictions are disputed, but she does highlight an important phenomenon going on in Ghana’s prisons during Ghana’s troubled time of political unrest and mass detention of political prisoners.

There was a time when being an opposition candidate or a fallen politician could result in imprisonment. Your companion’s crime might have been criticizing the government or someone in power. During those days, many an aspiring politician found himself languishing in prison without recourse or trial. These unfortunate souls had plenty of time to think about the past and their uncertain future. They were "open" and extremely grateful to be offered a Bible, devotional book, or a correspondence course. They were more than happy to attend a Bible study. Challenge used this open door to witness and encourage such people by making literature and other needed items available.