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Free Counseling Services:
There are 2 full-time counselors; one handles the CEG Marriage and Family Ministry while the other handles the general counseling.

CEG Marriage & Family Ministry

The institution of marriage has never been an experience of joy without heartaches. Our first parents failed when they disobeyed God. While God wants us to enjoy the relationship covered by His protective presence, we fail because we do not love His word.

Today, a lot of man-made ideas are fighting against the principles of the word of God. The result: more heartaches. In this vein, CEG Marriage and Family ministry extends a hand to many hurting marriages providing principles based on God's Word that bring healing and restore broken relationships.

The Marriage and Family Ministry consists of:

i. pre-marriage counseling sessions for those intending to marry

ii. marriage enrichment programmes to strengthen marriages
a) for individual couples
b) couples in Churches

iii. training workshops / seminars
a) training people to be counselors and to use the pre-marriage counseling handbook / manual – the counselor developed for use in Ghana and Africa – in the churches
b) training counselors to handle marital problems / challenges in their churches

The CEG Marriage & Family training workshops / seminars are held in both Ghana and other African countries.

CEG General Counseling Services:

i. leading enquirers to Christ
ii. assisting enquirers to live a victorious Christian life
iii. helping enquirers to share the Christian faith with others
iv. offering counseling to enquirers with specific challenges

these counseling services are offered through:

  • Face to face interaction at the Challenge Enquiry Centre
  • Written correspondence
  • Phone calls