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Cinema Today: The Cinevan is a mobile van equipped with an LCD projector and other relevant accessories to show free gospel films in communities, towns and villages in Ghana. The aim is to bring many people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Each van is manned by two trained evangelists / drivers, who undertake 22 – 26 nights of film shows per trip on a pre-determined route in a given geographical area. Each van makes between 8-9 such trips a year.

The two main objectives of the Cinevan are evangelism and church planting. The programme began in 1980 with one van. Presently the ministry has expanded to a fleet of eight vans. During the 25 years of operation, the vans have presented the gospel of Jesus Christ to over 20,639 communities, towns and villages in Ghana through film shows.

Many communities, towns & villages have been visited more than once. Audience at Cinevan films shows have exceeded 46,362,180. This is more than twice the population of Ghana. It is noteworthy that many of our audience might have also watched more than one Cinevan showing. Our audiences span across the whole spectrum of the Ghanaian society made up of people with diverse religious backgrounds.

During this period, over 3,558.384 people made decisions to follow Christ. Of these, 162 churches were planted in collaboration with local churches of different denominations. On the average, a Cinevan showing attracts 2,500 – 3000 people per showing, depending on where the showing takes place. Each night’s presentation is followed by 10 – 15 minutes of gospel message and an invitation to the audience to receive Christ as Saviour.

Follow-Up: Without proper follow-up to establish new converts in the faith, Cinevan showings would be reduced to mere entertainment. Therefore, those who respond to the gospel invitation and accept Jesus Christ are counseled by a team from each local church. These churches do follow-ups and disciple the converts. More so, the converts who are literate and so desire, are linked to the Challenge Enquiry Centre to do free Bible Correspondence Courses.

Mobile Bookshops: Another important function of the Cinevan is to serve as a mobile bookshop in the many places visited. The vans carry stock of excellent Christian books and Bibles providing opportunity for Christians in the area visited to buy Christian literature at their door steps at affordable prices. The books and Bibles are sold in the vans at the same prices like other Challenge Bookshops, no matter the distance they have covered.

Most Church leaders in Ghana see Cinevan Ministry as God’s gift to the Church for evangelism in Ghana. The cost of operating one of the cinevans is approximately US$50 or £30 for an average month of operation.